Книга: Iptables Tutorial 1.2.2

Conventions used in this document

Conventions used in this document

The following conventions are used in this document when it comes to commands, files and other specific information.

• Long code excerpts and command-outputs are printed like shown below. This includes screendumps and larger examples taken from the console.

[blueflux@work1 neigh]$ ls

default eth0 lo

[blueflux@work1 neigh]$

• All commands and program names in the tutorial are shown in bold typeface. This includes all the commands that you might type, or part of the command that you type.

• All system items such as hardware, and also kernel internals or abstract system items such as the loopback interface are all shown in an italic typeface.

• computer output is formatted in this way in the text. Computer output could be summed up as all the output that the computer will give you on the console.

• filenames and paths in the file-system are shown like /usr/local/bin/iptables.

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