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Next, Some Typing

Next, Some Typing

Next you need to come up with some MIME types corresponding with the content from your content provider.

Android uses both the content Uri and the MIME type as ways to identify content on the device. A collection content Uri — or, more accurately, the combination authority and data type path — should map to a pair of MIME types. One MIME type will represent the collection; the other will represent an instance. These map to the Uri patterns discussed in the previous section for no-identifier and identifier cases, respectively. As you saw in Chapters 24 and 25, you can fill a MIME type into an Intent to route the Intent to the proper activity (e.g., ACTION_PICK on a collection MIME type to call up a selection activity to pick an instance out of that collection).

The collection MIME type should be of the form vnd.X.cursor.dir/Y, where X is the name of your firm, organization, or project, and Y is a dot-delimited type name. So, for example, you might use vnd.tlagency.cursor.dir/sekrits.card.pin as the MIME type for your collection of secrets.

The instance MIME type should be of the form vnd.X.cursor.item/Y, usually for the same values of X and Y as you used for the collection MIME type (though that is not strictly required).

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