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Adaptable Generator

Adaptable Generator

Category: functors

Component type: concept


An Adaptable Generator is a Generator with a nested typedef that defines its result type. [1] This nested typedef makes it possible to use function object adaptors.

Refinement of


Associated types

Result type F::result_type The type returned when the Generator is called


F A type that is a model of Adaptable Generator

Valid expressions

None, except for those defined by Generator


The STL does not include any types that are models of Adaptable Generator. An example of a user-defined Adaptable Generator is as follows.

struct counter {
 typedef int result_type;
 counter() : n(0) {}
 result_type operator()() { return n++; }
 result_type n;


[1] Note the implication of this: a function pointer T (*f)() is a Generator, but not an Adaptable Generator: the expression f::result_type is nonsensical.

See also

Generator, Adaptable Unary Function, Adaptable Binary Function

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