: Learning GNU Emacs, 3rd Edition Character encoding in HTML helper mode Character encoding in HTML helper mode

HTML helper mode supports entry of only the most common character entities. However, it does make it easy to insert these entities. Simply type C-c before the character in question. For example, type C-c < to enter the escape code for a less-than sign (&lt;).

Character entities are also available by selecting HTML ? Insert Character Entities.

Table 8-5 lists bindings for inserting character entities in HTML helper mode.

Table8-5.Inserting character entities in HTML helper mode

Keystrokes Command name Character entity Character rendered on web page
C-c > tempo-template-html-greater-than &gt; >
C-c < tempo-template-html-less-than &lt; <
C-c & tempo-template-html-ampersand &amp; &
C-c u tempo-template-html-u`-(&&ugrave;) &ugrave; ?
C-c i tempo-template-html-i`-(&&igrave;) &igrave; ?
C-c o tempo-template-html-o`-(&&ograve;) &ograve; ?
C-c E tempo-template-html-e'-(&&eacute;) &eacute; ?
C-c e tempo-template-html-e`-(&&egrave;) &egrave; ?
C-c a tempo-template-html-a`-(&&agrave;) &agrave; ?
C-c SPC tempo-template-html-nonbreaking-space &nbsp; nonbreaking space
C-c - tempo-template-html-soft-hyphen &shy; soft hyphen
C-c @ tempo-template-html-copyright &copy;
C-c $ tempo-template-html-registered &reg;
C-c " tempo-template-html-quotation-mark " &quot; "
C-c # tempo-template-html-ascii-code Enter the 3-digit code for the desired character specified character

Table 8-6 lists the key bindings for HTML helper mode. There are key bindings for advanced HTML features such as forms as well as for some of the HTML 3.0 features. Some tags would normally appear on different lines (for example, in the case of a list); in this table, they are shown on one line.

Table8-6.HTML helper mode commands

Keystrokes Command name Action
C-u universal-argument When used before any other tag command, insert tags around a region.
M-Tab tempo-complete-tag Complete the current tag.
C-c C-z v HTML ? Load This Buffer in Browser browse-url-of-file Display this file in the default browser.
C-c C-z u HTML ? Browse URL at Point browse-url-default-browser Load the URL at point in default browser.
C-c M-h 1 HTML ? Insert Headers ? Header 1 tempo-template-html-header-1 Insert <h1></h1>.
C-c M-h 2 HTML ? Insert Headers ? Header 2 tempo-template-html-header-2 Insert <h2></h2>.
C-c M-h 3 HTML ? Insert Headers ? Header 3 tempo-template-html-header-3 Insert <h3></h3>.
C-c M-h 4 HTML ? Insert Headers ? Header 4 tempo-template-html-header-4 Insert <h4></h4>.
C-c M-h 5 HTML ? Insert Headers ? Header 5 tempo-template-html-header-5 Insert <h5></h5>.
C-c M-h 6 HTML ? Insert Headers ? Header 6 tempo-template-html-header-6 Insert <h6></h6>.
M-Enter HTML ? Insert Text Elements ? Paragraph tempo-template-html-paragraph Insert <p></p>.
C-c C-a l HTML ? Insert Hyperlinks ? Hyperlink tempo-template-html-hyperlink Insert <a href=""></a>.
C-c C-a n HTML ? Insert Hyperlinks ? Target tempo-template-html-link-target Insert <a name=""></a>.
C-c Enter HTML ? Insert Text Elements ? Line Break tempo-template-html-line-break Insert a literal line break, <br>.
C-c = HTML ? Insert Text Elements ? Horizontal Line tempo-template-html-horizontal-line Insert a horizontal rule, <hr>.
C-c C-z t HTML ? Insert Timestamp Delimiter html-helper-insert-timestamp-delimiter-at-point Insert timestamp delimiters.
C-c C-h t HTML ? Insert Structural Elements ? Title tempo-template-html-title Insert <title></title>.
C-c Tab a HTML ? Insert Inlined Images ? Image tempo-template-html-image Insert <img src="">.
C-c C-l u HTML ? Insert List Elements ? Unordered List tempo-template-html-unordered-list Insert <ul><li></li></ul>.
C-c C-l o HTML ? Insert List Elements ? Ordered List tempo-template-html-ordered-list Insert <ol><li></li></ol>.
C-c C-l t HTML ? Insert List Elements ? Definition Item tempo-template-html-definition-item Insert <dt><dd>.
C-c C-l l HTML ? Insert List Elements ? List Item tempo-template-html-item Insert <li></li>.
C-c C-l d HTML ? Insert List Elements ? Definition List tempo-template-html-definition-list Insert <dl><dt><dd></dl>.
C-c C-l m HTML ? Insert List Elements ? Menu List tempo-template-html-menu-list Insert <menu><li></li></menu>.
C-c C-l r HTML ? Insert List Elements ? Directory List tempo-template-html-directorylist Insert <dir><li></li></dir>.
C-c C-l i HTML ? Insert List Elements ? List Item html-helper-smart-insert-item Insert <li></li>.
C-c C-f z HTML ? Insert Form Elements ? Rest Form tempo-template-html-reset-form Insert <input type="RESET">.
C-c C-f b HTML ? Insert Form Elements ? Button tempo-template-html-button Insert <input type="BUTTON">.
C-c C-f m HTML ? Insert Form Elements ? Submit Form tempo-template-html- submit-form Insert <input type="SUBMIT">.
C-c C-f s HTML ? Insert Form Elements ? Selections tempo-template-html-selections Insert <select><option></select>.
C-c C-f o HTML ? Insert Form Elements ? Option tempo-template-html-option Insert <option>.
C-c C-f v HTML ? Insert Form Elements ? Option with Value tempo-template-html-option-with-value Insert <option value="">.
C-c C-f i HTML ? Insert Form Elements ? Image Field tempo-template-html-input-image-field Insert <input type="IMAGE">.
C-c C-f r HTML ? Insert Form Elements ? Radiobutton tempo-template-html-input-radiobutton Insert <input type="RADIO">.
C-c C-f c HTML ? Insert Form Elements ? Checkbox tempo-template-html-checkbox Insert <input type="CHECKBOX">.
C-c C-f p HTML ? Insert Form Elements ? Text Area tempo-template-html-text-area Insert <textarea></textarea>.
C-c C-f f HTML ? Insert Form Elements ? Form tempo-template-html-form Insert <form></form>.
C-c C-f t `HTML ? Insert Form Elements ? Text Field tempo-template-html-text-field Insert <input type="TEXT">.
C-c C-f h HTML ? Insert Form Elements ? Hidden Field tempo-template-html-hidden-field Insert <input type="HIDDEN">.
C-c M-l s HTML ? Insert Logical Styles ? Strong tempo-template-html-strong Insert <strong></strong>.
C-c M-l e HTML ? Insert Logical Styles ? Emphasized tempo-template-html-emphasized Insert <em></em>.
C-c M-l b HTML ? Insert Logical Styles ? Blockquote tempo-template-html-blockquote Insert <blockquote></blockquote>.
C-c M-l p HTML ? Insert Logical Styles ? Preformatted tempo-template-html-preformatted Insert <pre></pre>.
C-c C-p s HTML ? Insert Physical Styles ? Strikethru tempo-template-html-strikethru Insert <s></s>.
C-c C-p f HTML ? Insert Physical Styles ? Fixed tempo-template-html-fixed Insert <tt></tt>.
C-c C-p u HTML ? Insert Physical Styles ? Underline tempo-template-html-underline Insert <u></u>.
C-c C-p i HTML ? Insert Physical Styles ? Italic tempo-template-html-italic Insert <i></i>.
C-c C-p b HTML ? Insert Physical Styles ? Bold tempo-template-html-bold Insert <b></b>.
C-c C-p c HTML ? Insert Physical Styles ? Center tempo-template-html-center Insert <center></center>.
C-c C-p l HTML ? Insert Physical Styles ? Spanning Class tempo-template-html-spanning-class Insert <span></span>.
C-c C-p 5 HTML ? Insert Physical Styles ? Spanning Style tempo-template-html-spanning-style Insert <span></span>.
C-c C-s a HTML ? Insert Logical Styles ? Address tempo-template-html-address Insert <address></address>.
C-c M-l d HTML ? Insert Logical Styles ? Definition tempo-template-html-definition Insert <dfn></dfn>.
C-c M-l v HTML ? Insert Logical Styles ? Variable tempo-template-html-variable Insert <var></var>.
C-c M-l k HTML ? Insert Logical Styles ? Keyboard Input tempo-template-html-keyboard Insert <kbd></kbd>.
C-c M-l r HTML ? Insert Logical Styles ? Citation tempo-template-html-citation Insert <cite></cite>.
C-c M-l x HTML ? Insert Logical Styles ? Sample tempo-template-html-sample Insert <samp></samp>.
C-c M-l c HTML ? Insert Logical Styles ? Code tempo-template-html-code Insert <code></code>.
C-c C-h b HTML ? Insert Structural Elements ? Base tempo-template-html-base Insert <base href="">.
C-c C-h l HTML ? Insert Structural Elements ? Link tempo-template-html-link Insert <link href="">.
C-c C-h m HTML ? Insert Structural Elements ? Meta Name tempo-template-html-meta-name Insert <meta content="">.
C-c C-h n HTML ? Insert Structural Elements ? Nextid tempo-template-html-nextid Insert <nextid>.
C-c C-h i HTML ? Insert Structural Elements ? Isindex tempo-template-html-isindex Insert <isindex>.
C-c C-h B HTML ? Insert Structural Elements ? Body tempo-template-html-body Insert <body></body>.
C-c C-h H HTML ? Insert Structural Elements ? Head tempo-template-html-head Insert <head></head>.
C-c C-t t HTML ? Insert Tables ? Table tempo-template-html-table Insert <table></table>.
C-c C-t p HTML ? Insert Tables ? html table caption tempo-template-html-html-table-caption Insert <caption></caption>.
C-c C-t d HTML ? Insert Tables ? Table Data tempo-template-html-table-data Insert <TD></TD>.
C-c C-t h HTML ? Insert Tables ? Table Header tempo-template-html-table-header Insert <TH></TH>.
C-c C-t r HTML ? Insert Tables ? Table Row tempo-template-html-table-row Insert <TR></TR>.

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