Книга: Learning GNU Emacs, 3rd Edition

5.2.4 Comparing Files

5.2.4 Comparing Files

In Chapter 4, we discussed comparing files in two windows. Emacs provides a way to do this using the diff command in Dired. Set the mark on the file you want diff to compare, put the cursor on the other file, then type =. Emacs compares the two files and opens a window with a *diff* buffer containing the output from the command.

Emacs has a separate option for comparing a file to its backup file. Put the cursor on the file you want to compare with its backup and type M-=. Emacs displays a *diff* buffer showing the differences between the two files.

If you are serious about version control, you may want to check out Chapter 12, which discusses version control as well as the GNU tool ediff.

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