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Expanding compressed drives

Expanding compressed drives

File Explorer shows the names of compressed files and folders in blue. You can remove compression from a drive by following these steps:

1. In File Explorer or Disk Management, press and hold or right-click the drive that contains the data you want to expand, and then tap or click Properties.

2. Clear the Compress Drive To Save Disk Space check box, and then tap or click OK.

3. In the Confirm Attribute Changes dialog box, select whether to apply the change to subfolders and files, and then tap or click OK.

TIP Windows always checks the available disk space before expanding compressed data. You should, too. If less free space is available than used space, you might not be able to complete the expansion. For example, if a compressed drive uses 150 GB of space and has 70 GB of free space available, you won’t have enough free space to expand the data. Generally, you need about 1.5 to 2 times as much free space as you have compressed data.

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