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Forcing the DHCP Server service to regenerate the DhCP database

Forcing the DHCP Server service to regenerate the DhCP database

If the DHCP database becomes corrupt and Windows is unable to repair the database when you stop and restart the DHCP Server service, you can attempt to restore the database as described in “Restoring the DHCP database from backup” earlier in this chapter. If this fails or you prefer to start with a fresh copy of the DHCP database, follow these steps:

1. Stop the DHCP Server service in the Services console.

2. Delete the contents of the %SystemRoot%System32DHCP folder. If you want to force a complete regeneration of the database and not allow the server to restore from a previous backup, you should also delete the contents of the Backup folder.

CAUTION Don’t delete DHCP files if the DHCPServer registry keys aren’t intact. These keys must be available to restore the DhCP database.

3. Restart the DHCP Server service.

4. No active leases or other information for scopes are displayed in the DHCP console. To regain the active leases for each scope, you must reconcile the server scopes as discussed in the next section.

5. To prevent conflicts with previously assigned leases, you should enable address conflict detection for the next few days, as discussed in “Avoiding IP address conflicts” earlier in this chapter.

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