Книга: Learning GNU Emacs, 3rd Edition

4.1.2 Buffers: Independent of Windows and Frames

4.1.2 Buffers: Independent of Windows and Frames

Now what about buffers? Essentially, both windows and frames are ways to display a buffer, which, as defined in Chapter 1, may contain a copy of a file or not. Buffers may contain files. They may be Emacs-generated buffers, like *Messages*, *scratch*, or *Help*. Or they may be buffers that you create but haven't written to a file.

Most GUI applications tie certain files to certain GUI windows or, in Emacspeak, frames. Emacs's detachment of buffers from their display (whether a split display or a separate frame) is more powerful and flexible. To be honest, most of the time we prefer using a single Emacs frame and switching between buffers using C-x b. It's much easier than mousing between frames or dealing with a split screen, though each has its advantages in some situations.

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