: Learning GNU Emacs, 3rd Edition

3.4.3 Problems You May Encounter

3.4.3 Problems You May Encounter

You search for a string you can see on the screen, and Emacs can't find it. The most probable explanation is that Emacs is taking into account line breaks and punctuation, and you're not including these in the search string. Use word search, which ignores any line breaks or punctuation, to find the string.

You get a message that says, Searching for program: No such file or directory ispell. You don't have Ispell installed. Ispell is external to Emacs; see Chapter 13 for details on installing Ispell on Mac OS X and Windows.

You can't see the pop-up menu in Flyspell. You activate this pop-up menu by pointing the mouse at a given word and pressing the middle mouse button. Essentially, you need a three-button mouse to run Flyspell.

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