Книга: Learning GNU Emacs, 3rd Edition

2.5.1 Fixing Transpositions

2.5.1 Fixing Transpositions

The most common typo involves the transposition of two letters, and most typos are noticed immediately after you make them. Pressing C-t transposes two letters, to put them in the right order:

Before C-t After C-t
the best of timse, it the best of times_ it

To transpose two letters, put the cursor on the second of the two letters to be transposed. Press C-t. (If you often transpose letters, word abbreviation mode, discussed in Chapter 3, cleans up typos automatically.)

You can also transpose two words, lines, paragraphs, or sentences. To transpose two words, put the cursor between the two words and press M-t. After Emacs has finished, the cursor follows the second of the two (transposed) words:

Before M-t After M-t
one three_two one two three_

Interestingly, Emacs moves words, but not punctuation. Let's say that two names are reversed:

Before M-t After M-t
Charles, Dickens Dickens, Charles_

To transpose two lines, put the cursor anywhere on the second of the two and press C-x C-t. Emacs moves the second before the first:

Before C-x C-t After C-x C-t
second line first line
first line second line
third line third line

Table 2-9 summarizes the transposition commands.

Table 2-9. Transposition commands

Keystrokes Command name Action
C-t transpose-chars Transpose two letters.
M-t transpose-words Transpose two words.
C-x C-t transpose-lines Transpose two lines.
(none) transpose-sentences Transpose two sentences.
(none) transpose-paragraphs Transpose two paragraphs.

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