: Learning GNU Emacs, 3rd Edition

2.3.3 Selecting and Pasting

2.3.3 Selecting and Pasting

Using the menus, you can access text from the kill ring in a more straightforward way: by choosing Edit ? Select and Paste. A menu showing deletions appears, with the most recent ones on top. To show you as many deletions as possible, each line in the window represents a separate deletion. So if you've killed a large region, say 500 lines, you see only the beginning of the first line of that deletion, ellipses, and the end of the deletion. Your selection is pasted into the buffer at the cursor position.

Table 2-5 summarizes commands for working with regions.

Table2-5.Commands for working with regions

Keystrokes Command name Action
C-@ or C- Space set-mark-command Mark the beginning (or end) of a region.
C-x C-x exchange-point-and-mark Exchange location of cursor and mark.
C-w kill-region Delete the region.
C-y yank Paste most recently killed or copied text.
M-w kill-ring-save Copy the region (so it can be pasted with C-y).
M-h mark-paragraph Mark paragraph.
C-x C-p mark-page Mark page.
C-x h mark-whole-buffer Mark buffer.
M-y yank-pop After C-y, pastes earlier deletion.

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