: Learning GNU Emacs, 3rd Edition

13.2.5 Mac OS X and the Meta Key

13.2.5 Mac OS X and the Meta Key

This book has mentioned using the Command key for Meta on Mac OS X. By default, the Command key (sometimes called the Open Apple key, or more simply xxxMacSymxxx) is Meta. But in fact you have a choice. The variable mac-command-key-is-meta can be used to select which key you want to use.

As the variable name implies, setting mac-command-key-is-meta to t means that you use xxxMacSymxxx as the Meta key. So you can type the M-x combination as xxxMacSymxxxx.

The alternative (setting mac-command-key-is-meta to nil) sets the Option (or Alt) key to be your Meta key. You might do this if you want to continue using the Command key for Mac functions or if you find that Option is simply easier to reach. Of course, it's not quite that simple. Emacs still traps the Command key. That trapping is supposed to be turned off with one more variable: mac-pass-command-to-system, but to be honest, we never got that to work.

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