: Learning GNU Emacs, 3rd Edition

13.1.3 Uncompressing and Unpacking

13.1.3 Uncompressing and Unpacking

Now that you have the file, you need to do two things to it before you can actually build Emacs: uncompress and unpack. You can use the tar command to do both. Make sure you are in the directory where you downloaded the Emacs file. Type the following command (changing the n to the version number that matches the file you downloaded), and you will see a list of files.

$ tar xvzf emacs-21.n.tar.gz
x emacs-21.3, 0 bytes, 0 tape blocks
x emacs-21.3/AUTHORS, 77854 bytes, 153 tape blocks
x emacs-21.3/FTP, 8950 bytes, 18 tape blocks
x emacs-21.3/INSTALL, 42841 bytes, 84 tape blocks
x emacs-21.3/README, 4046 bytes, 8 tape blocks
x emacs-21.3/BUGS, 1042 bytes, 3 tape blocks
x emacs-21.3/move-if-change, 129 bytes, 1 tape blocks
x emacs-21.3/ChangeLog, 161418 bytes, 316 tape blocks
x emacs-21.3/Makefile.in, 25461 bytes, 50 tape blocks
. . .

This list of created files goes on for quite a whileover 2500 files for Emacs 21.3. If you don't want to see the list, omit the v(verbose option) from the tar command. When this command completes, you have all of the files for Emacs.

Now that any necessary preparations are out of the way, you can go through the steps to build and install Emacs itself.

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