: Learning GNU Emacs, 3rd Edition

12.13.5 Recovering from Confusion

12.13.5 Recovering from Confusion

If you've been cruising along in Ediff and suddenly find your commands aren't working, you've probably accidentally clicked on the differences window and are typing in one of the buffers directly, or perhaps you used an Ediff command that switched the window focus on you unexpectedly. Make sure to undo the stray characters you've typed into the comparison buffer, then click on the control window and start issuing commands again.

Of course, you may want to intentionally jump over to edit one of the buffers as you notice changes you'd like to make. You can do that at any time; just remember to switch back to the control window when you want move to other differences or use other Ediff commands. If, after editing one of the comparison buffers for a while, you'd like to return to viewing differences, starting with the difference nearest to your edit location, click in the control window and type g followed by the letter assigned to the buffer in which you're interested (as discussed earlier in "Making Changes").

If you've made substantial changes by editing the buffer directly, you may find that the difference region highlights have drifted out of synch with the actual location of differences. To fix this, once the control window has focus, type ! to cause Ediff to recalculate and redisplay the differences.

If you've reconfigured the buffers you're looking at (perhaps you wanted to look up some help text, or engage in a side task, which Emacs certainly encourages) you can restore the window configuration for Ediff by clicking on the control window and typing C-l (recenter). This sets up the comparison window to display the files you're comparing and centers the current difference in each buffer. You may find that it also causes the comparison window to get keyboard focus, so be sure to click on the control window if necessary before you try to issue any Ediff commands.

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