: Learning GNU Emacs, 3rd Edition

10.3.1 Changing Fonts Interactively

10.3.1 Changing Fonts Interactively

Both Custom and the Edit menu in Emacs provide you with a way to change the current font and color by picking a new one from the Text Properties menu.

To understand the Text Properties menu, you'll find it useful to know that Emacs thinks internally in terms of faces. A face is a font and color combination. The Text Properties menu presents you with a small set of premixed faces and the option to specify others by name.

We'll go into more detail about faces, how to name them, and the related Lisp programming constructs later in this chapter. For now, consider simply that every character in a buffer may have a different face invisibly associated with it (though in practice it would be quite surprising if face changes were that frequent!).

Holding down the Shift key while clicking the left mouse button takes you to a menu of fonts. Selecting one of these instantly changes the Emacs font for the current frame and redisplays the frame. This is an easy way to experiment with different fonts to see how well they trade screen space for readability on your display.

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