: Learning GNU Emacs, 3rd Edition

10.1.1 Navigating Custom

10.1.1 Navigating Custom

You can move around in a given Custom screen much the way you do in any other part of Emacs. All of the basic cursor movement commands like C-n and C-p work just as they should. But that's only part of the story in Custom. To accomplish anything useful, you need to activate special words and phrases. Those bits of text in grey boxes that look like buttons are the words and phrases in question.

To activate one of these buttons, click on the button with the mouse or position your cursor inside its borders and press Enter. Figure 10-1 highlights these options.

Figure10-1.Custom button activation using the mouse cursor (top) and the keyboard cursor (bottom) (Mac OS X)

When you finish looking at a screen, if you are not interested in changing anything, you can type C-x k to kill the current buffer and go back to the previous screen. You can also activate the Finish button in the common header set discussed next.

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