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The compilation feature requires access to the tools.jar file (or the equivalents built-in to some JDKs). If the JDEE compile command fails with an error message about not being able to find the tools.jar file, your best bet is to customize the JDEE variable jde-global-classpath. Make sure that variable includes the tools.jar file.

For some systems that do not have a tools.jar file[66], you can steal that file from another machine, but usually you just need to get your classpath and registry entries set up correctly. Customizing the variables in Table 9-6 should get you compiling and running without too much effort.

Table9-6.JDEE variables to customize

JDEE variable Sample values
jde-global-classpath /usr/local/j2se:.
jde-jdk-registry Version = 1.4.2
Path = /usr/local/j2se

Whew! That was a lot of work. But the good news is that once you've made it through the installation process, you have all the spiffy features of the JDEE forever at your command. So let's get on with the features!

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