: Learning GNU Emacs, 3rd Edition

9.5.1 Getting Started

9.5.1 Getting Started

You can pick up the latest version of the JDEE online from http://jdee.sunsite.dk/.[65] This site is essential to getting the JDEE up and running. You'll find all sorts of tips and tricks and full user documentation on all of the bells and whistles is available.

Before you can install the JDEE, you'll need the following components:

Collection of Emacs Development Environment Tools (CEDET)

Available on SourceForge (http://cedet.sourceforge.net/) or by following the links from the JDEE home page. This collection is quite popular as a foundation for more interesting programmer tools. You may already have a sufficient version installed, but it's best to get the latest release.

The JDEE Emacs Lisp library package

Available as a separate download from the JDEE site.

One or more JDKs

While technically not required for editing files in Emacs, a JDK is required to take advantage of any of the compilation or debugging features of the JDEE. You'll also have to register each JDK you plan to use, but more on that later.

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