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Some HTML tags require you to input certain attributes. For example, when you enter a hyperlink, you have to specify the URL of the link and the text that the user will select. If you type C-c C-a l (the lowercase letter "L") to enter a link, HTML helper mode inserts:

<a href=""></a>

with the cursor on the second quotation mark so you can type in the URL. HTML helper mode offers additional help if you turn on prompting. Add this line to your .emacs file:

(setq tempo-interactive t)

Note that HTML helper mode prompts only for required attributes; if you want to input optional attributes, you have to add them by hand.

Whether you consider prompting useful or intrusive is a matter of personal taste. If you are a beginning HTML author, prompting may help you remember to enter all the necessary information for each tag. If you find you don't like it, simply delete the line you added to the .emacs file.

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