: Learning GNU Emacs, 3rd Edition



Throughout the book, you'll find keystrokes to type, followed by a screenshot showing the results.

Type: C-x C-f myfile

Use the find-file command to open a file or create a new file.

C-x C-f is in bold, indicating that this is exactly what you type. myfile is shown in constant width italics because you could substitute any filename you choose and need not type exactly what you see here.

Typically, these screenshots come from a Linux system. We also include screenshots taken on Mac OS X and Windows. When we show such screenshots, we include an indication of the platform in the caption for the screenshot.

Toward the end of the book, when we're discussing programming modes, customization, and Lisp programming, screenshots become rather unwieldy. We eventually use fewer of them. Instead, we may show one or two lines of text. If it's relevant, we show the cursor's position:

/* This is a c comment */

: 1.033. /Cache: 2 / 0