: Learning GNU Emacs, 3rd Edition

4.5.4 Getting a List of Buffers

4.5.4 Getting a List of Buffers

Because you can create an unlimited number of buffers in an Emacs session, you can have so many buffers going that you can't remember them all. At any point, you can get a list of your buffers (yes, we know you know how to do that by holding down Ctrl and clicking the left mouse button, but this is a little different). This list provides you with important informationfor example, whether you've changed the buffer since you last saved it.

If you press C-x C-b, Emacs lists your buffers. It creates a new *Buffer List* window on the screen, which shows you all the buffers.

Type: C-x C-b

Emacs displays a list of buffers.

You can use this list as an informational display ("these are my buffers") or you can actually work with buffers from this list, as covered in the next section.

Figure 4-3 shows what each of the symbols in the buffer list means.

Figure4-3.Understanding the buffer list

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