Книга: Windows Server 2012 R2 Storage, Security, & Networking Pocket Consultant

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Страница книги Просмотры
Creating a storage pool 2116
Auditing and troubleshooting DHCP 1411
Viewing user and computer sessions 1103
Repairing disk errors and inconsistencies automatically 962
Setting special permissions on files and folders 923
Creating a virtual disk in a storage space 812
Starting a server in safe mode 610
Scheduling and prioritizing print jobs 521
Integrating DHCP and DNS 444
Deploying printer connections 433
Configuring point and print restrictions 429
Getting started with Work Folders 397
Physical drives 393
Implementing RAID-1: disk mirroring 386
Assigning user logon and logoff scripts 385
Adding DNS aliases with CNAME 362
Creating and managing failover scopes 362
Monitoring printers and printer queues automatically 350
Configuring NFS sharing 344
Deleting disk quota entries 342
Exporting and importing NTFS disk quota settings 340
CHAPTER 1: Managing file systems and drives 339
Understanding NTFS disk quotas and how NTFS quotas are used 337
Navigating networking in Windows Server 2012 R2 327
CHAPTER 3: Data sharing and redundancy 324
Using removable storage devices 316
CHAPTER 2: Configuring storage 314
Integrating DHCP and NAP 312
Introduction 312
Managing the File And Storage Services role 308
Creating and scheduling backups with Wbadmin 292
Creating shared folders in Server Manager 286
Updating DHCP statistics 285
Using and enabling file sharing 281
Configuring multiple gateways 281
Setting NTFS disk quota policies 280
Configuring Automatic Updates 279
Troubleshooting storage spaces 273
Managing disk quota templates 271
Configuring print servers 269
Creating sync shares and enabling SMB access 263
Resizing partitions and volumes 263
Configuring name resolution on DNS clients 262
Reconciling leases and reservations 261
Enabling DNS on the network 258
Breaking a mirrored set 257
Differential and incremental backups 253
Working with standards-based storage 251
Configuring global names 250
Repairing a mirrored system volume to enable boot 250
Mapping a network drive 240
Understanding SMB changes 239

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