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Restoring a shadow copy

Restoring a shadow copy

Users working on client computers access shadow copies of individual shared folders by using the Previous Versions or Shadow Copy client. The best way to access shadow copies on a client computer is to follow these steps:

1. In File Explorer, press and hold or right-click the share for which you want to access previous file versions, tap or click Properties, and then tap or click the Previous Versions tab.

2. On the Previous Versions tab, select the folder version with which you want to work. Each folder has a date and time stamp. Tap or click the button corresponding to the action you want to perform:

? Tap or click Open to open the shadow copy in File Explorer.

? Tap or click Copy to display the Copy Items dialog box, which lets you copy the snapshot image of the folder to the location you specify.

? Tap or click Restore to roll back the shared folder to its state at the time of the snapshot image you selected.

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