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Using storage pools and allocating space

Using storage pools and allocating space

In Server Manager, you can work with storage pools and allocate space by selecting the File And Storage Services node, and then selecting the related Storage Pools subnode. As Figure 2–7 shows, the Storage Pools subnode lists the available storage pools, the virtual disks created within storage pools, and the available physical disks. Keep in mind that what’s presented as physical disks might actually be LUNs (virtual disks) from a storage subsystem.

FIGURE 2–7 Create and manage storage pools.

Working with storage pools is a multistep process:

1. You create storage pools to pool available space on one or more disks.

2. You allocate space from this pool to create one or more virtual disks.

3. You create one or more volumes on each virtual disk to allocate storage for file systems.

The sections that follow examine procedures related to each of these steps.

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