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Managing DNS servers

The DNS Manager console is the tool you use to manage local and remote DNS servers. As shown in Figure 9–4, the DNS Manager console’s main window is divided into two panes. The left pane makes it possible for you to access DNS servers and their zones. The right pane shows the details for the currently selected item. You can work with the DNS Manager console in three ways:

? Double-tap or double-click an entry in the left pane to expand the list of files for the entry.

? Select an entry in the left pane to display details such as zone status and domain records in the right pane.

? Press and hold or right-click an entry to display a context menu.

FIGURE 9–4 Manage local and remote DNS servers by using the DNS Manager console.

The Forward Lookup Zones and Reverse Lookup Zones folders provide access to the domains and subnets configured for use on this server. When you select domain or subnet folders in the left pane, you can manage DNS records for the domain or subnet.

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