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Checking IP address assignment

Checking IP address assignment

You can use ipconfig to check the currently assigned IP address and other configuration information. To obtain information for all network adapters on the computer, enter the command ipconfig /all at the command prompt. If the IP address has been assigned automatically, you’ll notice an entry for Autoconfiguration IP Address.

In the following example, the autoconfiguration IPv4 address is

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name…: DELTA

Primary DNS Suffix…: microsoft.com Node Type…: Hybrid

IP Routing Enabled…: No

WINS Proxy Enabled…: No

DNS Suffix Search List…: microsoft.com Ethernet adapter Ethernet:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix…:

Description…: Intel Pro/1000 Network Connection Physical Address…: 23-15-C6-F8-FD-67

DHCP Enabled…: Yes

Autoconfiguration Enabled…: Yes Autoconfiguration IP Address: Subnet Mask…:

Default Gateway…:

DNS Servers…:

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