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Disabling NTFS disk quotas

Disabling NTFS disk quotas

You can disable quotas for individual users or all users on a volume. When you disable quotas for a particular user, the user is no longer subject to the quota restrictions but disk quotas are still tracked for other users. When you disable quotas on a volume, quota tracking and management are completely removed. To disable quotas for a particular user, follow the technique outlined earlier in the chapter in “Viewing disk quota entries.” To disable quota tracking and management on a volume, follow these steps:

1. Open Computer Management. If necessary, connect to a remote computer.

2. Open the Properties dialog box for the volume on which you want to disable NTFS quotas.

3. On the Quota tab, clear the Enable Quota Management check box. Tap or click OK. When prompted to confirm, tap or click OK.

IMPORTANT Disabling quota tracking doesn’t delete existing quota entries on a volume. If you later enable quota management, the previously created quota entries will be available and will be enforced.

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