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Exporting and importing NTFS disk quota settings

Exporting and importing NTFS disk quota settings

Rather than re-creating custom disk quota entries on individual volumes, you can export the settings from a source volume, and then import the settings to another volume. You must format both volumes by using NTFS. To export and then import disk quota entries, follow these steps:

1. Open the Quota Entries dialog box as discussed in “Viewing disk quota entries” earlier in this chapter. Current quota entries for all users are listed. To refresh the listing, press F5 or choose Refresh from the View menu.

2. Select Export from the Quota menu to display the Export Quota Settings dialog box. Choose the save location for the file containing the quota settings, and then enter a name for the file in the File Name text box. Tap or click Save.

NOTE If you save the settings file to a mapped drive on the target volume, you’ll have an easier time importing the settings. Quota files are usually small, so you don’t need to worry about disk space usage.

3. On the Quota menu, tap or click Close to exit the Quota Entries dialog box.

4. Press and hold or right-click Computer Management in the console tree, and then tap or click Connect To Another Computer. In the Select Computer dialog box, choose the computer containing the target volume. The target volume is the one on which you want to use the exported settings.

5. As explained previously, open the Properties dialog box for the target volume. Then tap or click Quota Entries on the Quota tab to display the Quota Entries dialog box for the target volume.

6. Tap or click Import on the Quota menu. In the Import Quota Settings dialog box, select the quota settings file you saved previously. Tap or click Open.

7. If the volume had previous quota entries, you are given the choice to replace existing entries or keep existing entries. When prompted about a conflict, tap or click Yes to replace an existing entry, or tap or click No to keep the existing entry. To apply the option to replace or keep existing entries to all entries on the volume, select the Do This For All Quota Entries check box prior to tapping or clicking Yes or No.

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