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Accessing Work Folders on clients

Accessing Work Folders on clients

Users with a domain user account can access Work Folders from a client device over the Internet or over the corporate network. You can configure Work Folder Access for a user by completing the following steps:

1. In Control Panel, tap or click System And Security, and then select Work Folders. On the Manage Work Folders page, tap or click Set Up Work Folders.

2. On the Enter Your Work Email Address page, enter the user email address, such as amyh@cpandl.com, and then tap or click Next. If the client device is joined to the domain, you will not be prompted for the user’s credentials. Otherwise, you are prompted for the user’s credentials. After the user enters her credentials, you can select Remember My Credentials to store the user’s credentials for future use, and then tap or click OK to continue.

3. On the Introducing Work Folders page, note where the work files for the user will be stored. By default, work files are stored in a user profile subfolder called Work Folders. For example, the work files for Amyh would be stored under %SystemDrive%UsersAmyhWorkFolders. To store work files in another location, tap or click Change and then use the options provided to specify a new save location for work files. When you are ready to continue, tap or click Next.

4. On the Security Policies page, review the security policies that will be applied, and then have the user select the I Accept These Policies On My PC check box. You will not be able to continue if you do not select this check box.

5. Select Set Up Work Folders to create Work Folders on the client device.

After you configure Work Folders for initial use on a client device, the user can access Work Folders in File Explorer. When a user opens File Explorer, the This PC node should be opened by default. If so, the user just needs to double-tap or double-click Work Folders to view work files. If a user has an open Explorer window and This PC is not the selected node, she just needs to tap or click the leftmost option button in the address list, and then tap or click This PC.

As the user works with files, the changes the user makes trigger sync actions with the server. If the user doesn’t change any files locally for an extended period of time, the client connects to the server every 10 minutes to determine whether there are changes to sync.

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