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The ERROR chunk is sent to inform the other peer of any problems within the current stream. Each ERROR chunk can contain one or more Error Causes, which are more specifically detailed in the RFC 2960 - Stream Control Transmission Protocol document. I will not go into further details here than the basic ERROR chunk, since it would be too much information. The ERROR chunk is not fatal in and of itself, but rather details an error that has happened. It may however be used together with an ABORT chunk to inform the peer of the error before killing the connection.

Type - bit 0-7. This value is always set to 9 for ERROR chunks.

Chunk flags - bit 8-15. Not used today. Might be applicable for change. See SCTP Common and generic headers for more information.

Length - bit 16-31. Specifies the length of the chunk in bytes, including all the Error Causes.

Error causes - bit 32-n. Each ERROR chunk may contain one or more Error Causes, which notifies the opposite peer of a problem with the connection. Each Error Cause follows a specific format, as described in the RFC 2960 - Stream Control Transmission Protocol document. We will not go into them here more than to say that they all contain an Cause Code, cause length and cause specific information field. The following Error Causes are possible:

Table 2-2. Error Causes

Cause Value Chunk Code
1 Invalid Stream Identifier
2 Missing Mandatory Parameter
3 Stale Cookie Error
4 Out of Resource
5 Unresolvable Address
6 Unrecognized Chunk Type
7 Invalid Mandatory Parameter
8 Unrecognized Parameters
9 No User Data
10 Cookie Received While Shutting Down

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