Книга: Iptables Tutorial 1.2.2


Packet, Terms used in this document

Packet type match, Packet type match

--pkt-type, Packet type match

Padding, IP headers, TCP headers

Parameter problem, Parameter problem

IP header bad (catchall error), Parameter problem

Required options missing, Parameter problem

Physical layer, TCP/IP Layers

Pid-owner match, Owner match

Pid-owner.txt, Pid-owner.txt


IP filters, How to plan an IP filter

PNAT, What NAT is used for and basic terms and expressions

Policy, IP filtering terms and expressions, How to plan an IP filter, Setting up default policies, FORWARD chain


Negotiated, How to plan an IP filter

Port match, Multiport match

POSTROUTING, SNAT target, Displacement of rules to different chains

PPP, Displacement of rules to different chains

PPPoE, Configuration options

precautions, Bash debugging tips

Preparations, Preparations

Where to get, Where to get iptables


Presentation layer, TCP/IP Layers

Proc set up, proc set up

PROHIBIT, Addrtype match

Protocol, IP headers, ICMP headers

Protocol match, Generic matches

Proxy, TCP/IP Layers, What is an IP filter, How to plan an IP filter

Placement, How to place proxies

PSH, TCP headers

PUSH, TCP headers

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