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Connmark match

Connmark match

The connmark match is used very much the same way as the mark match is in the MARK/mark target and match combination. The connmark match is used to match marks that has been set on a connection with the CONNMARK target. It only takes one option.

Important To match a mark on the same packet as is the first to create the connection marking, you must use the connmark match after the CONNMARK target has set the mark on the first packet.

Table 10-11. Connmark match options

Match --mark
Kernel 2.6
Example iptables -A INPUT -m connmark --mark 12 -j ACCEPT
Explanation The mark option is used to match a specific mark associated with a connection. The mark match must be exact, and if you want to filter out unwanted flags from the connection mark before actually matching anything, you can specify a mask that will be anded to the connection mark. For example, if you have a connection mark set to 33 (10001 in binary) on a connection, and want to match the first bit only, you would be able to run something like --mark 1/1. The mask (00001) would be masked to 10001, so 10001 && 00001 equals 1, and then matched against the 1.

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